WP Stripe Cart

If you want sell  only a few products on your site, setting up e-commerce system like woo-commerce is too much to do.

WP Stripe Cart is your perfect choice!
Manage your products on Stripe, and sell it on your WordPress site.
No coding skill is required, only thing you need is product ID from Stripe and insert shortcode to you post or page with that product ID.

Why WP Stripe Cart?

Mobile First

Mobile-first designed, it is optimized for smartphones that most users use. Of course, it also supports desktops with large screen sizes.

Support Mobile Payments

It also supports mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay provided by Stripe. Of course, no specialized skill is required. If you setup on the Stripe, you can use it immediately.

No Skills Required

No specialized skill such as HTML or CSS is required to display the product. You can display products on any site by simply inserting a short code into a post or a page.

Custmize As You Like

You can customize the template by purchasing the white label add-on. With a little knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can even adapt your cart screen to your site's design. And Powered by attribute will be removed.

White Label Add-on

With the free version, you can still customize to some extent.

By purchasing a white label add-on, you will be able to customize templates and CSS as you like.

It also removes Powered by attribution, so it doesn’t hurt your brand.

You can purchase it for ¥ 30,000 (excluding tax).
No subscriptions required.

How to use White Label Add-on